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How do you feel about VR Basketball Camps?

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  1. Sharon Smith March 15, 2007

    I love VRBA!

  2. Tamilia Spencer March 21, 2007

    Great Job coach Robinson my son loves your VRBA camp!!!!!!!!!! Nice friendly staff and the kids leave very tired each day from hard work. My son shows me the drills and exercises he learned. he tries and teaches his friends. Your the only camp that provides lunch for the kids. I don’t know what I would do with out your academy during the summer.

  3. Carolyn Molder June 12, 2007

    Hi Vince, I already registered for Mark Molder on line. How do I get the payment to you? Do you want it the day he starts, or prior to when he starts. I will try to meet you on Wednesday when you are on Evergreen Place at 1 p.m., and then I can give you the payment. If not, just let me know if you want me to mail it or bring it the first day of camp. Please confirm that you did receive the application-registration form. I also spoke to Jennifer as per our conversation yesterday. Thanks and I look forward to having my son attend your camp. Carolyn Mendez-Molder, MHS, LPC Car

  4. Trish Weber November 14, 2007

    My boys loved the camp on November 8th and 9th. They learned a lot and were proud of their efforts. The camp was broken down into groups, which made it less intimidating and more effective. I especially liked how you spoke about the importance of a good education and that their education should be first priority, then basketball.

  5. Mrs. Latitia McReynolds November 14, 2007

    This was my son’s first time at the camp. Originally he was not anxious or excited about coming because he gets nervous when meeting new people. It was such a joy when I came to pick him up and see him enjoying himself. He was so excited and really enjoyed the camp and the drills he learned during the camp (11/8 and 11/9). He learned a lot and was so proud of his trophy, certificate and skills he learned. His father and I were very elated as well. He was also very excited to come home that evening and share them with us. The camp was broken down into groups, which made it less intimidating and more effective. That was great, especially for the younger children such as my son who is only 5 yrs. old. It was a great experience for him as well as us as parents. Thank you.

  6. Chris Williams November 14, 2007

    My daughter Tianna had a wonderful experience it was her first time attending such a camp so of course we had our reservation. But she had a great time and asked to go back in the future. I think it is great to have such an option during school closing.

  7. Mrs. Shumate November 14, 2007

    Im sorry I did not get to meet the staff but my daughter Sydney Shumate enjoyed it immensly! The game tickets were only the icing.

  8. Ronda Merritt November 14, 2007

    Tarae was soooooooo happy! You know a mother is happy when her child is happy.

  9. JulyAnne Jules November 15, 2007

    Hi coach Robinson, I want to thank you for making my son Gaethan so happy. He had a good time being at the two days camp and I had never seen him so happy. Actually, he made two new friends(which does not happen that often). He is already looking forward to the next session.Personally, I like the fact that you gave all the campers a trophy and a certificate. I think it is a good booster to their self estime and confidence.

  10. Latasha Brown November 15, 2007

    Najee and I wanted to thank you for the basketball tickets to see the Nets game last night. Thank you so much! We had a ball!

  11. Coach Pierson November 15, 2007

    Coach Robinson, I just wanted to Thank You for the camp. Also tickets to the game. Camisha & Elijah was very pleased with you camp!

    • saint paul godson March 28, 2011

      hi how you doing im godson saint paul please i was try to come in the school to learn more call me at 973-372-7471 or 862-218-1075

  12. Coach Campo November 15, 2007

    What’s up Vince? How u think Mikey looks and what do you think he needs to improve. I want to thank you for the tickets we enjoyed the game!!!! P.J and Mikey had a good time at the camp. Thanks

  13. Lisa Green November 15, 2007

    Coach Robinson, I think you are doing an outstanding job with the children. You and your staff should be commended. Thanks for providing the additional support to me and my son Lamar. We look forward to attending another one of your sessions. I see a change in Lamar’s attitude and his game.

  14. LaTonya Jones & Malcolm Richardson November 19, 2007

    To Mr.Vincent and the VRBA Staff; Thank you so much for allowing such an event as this to take place. I am a single parent of a 5 year old and I constantly try to look for something to get him involved in. Since he loves basketball (all sports actually…) I was simply elated to see that your academy began at age five, since there are so many places that only accept children that are older. Once again thank you, it’s an experience that he and I will never forget!!! I look forward to hearing from you regarding the summer session. Thanking You In Advance, Malcolm Richardson and Mom

  15. Dina Bowers November 21, 2007

    Hi , Vince, Matthew had a wonderful time at the 2-day clinic and he asked if he could return next year. I told him “Yes”, of course he could. Keep up the great work, Vince. Hats off!!! to you and your staff.

  16. kabir brockington September 23, 2008

    I want to thank you for having this camp my kids had fun……..Thank you Vince

  17. Taylor Robinson March 7, 2010

    VRBA ROCKS! Thank you so much for letting me and my sister come to your summer camp.

  18. Ms. Ambrose January 28, 2011

    Excellent!! Just Excellent! Thanks for having our children at your camp! Can’t wait until Next Summer!


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